About me

Hi, I’m Neil, software tester. I’ve been working in software development since 2007 and have taken on various roles, both as software developer and software tester.  Today I work as Lead QA Engineer for a global online fashion retailer, working across multiple agile development teams to improve their testing practices and drive continuous improvement. In addition, I often function as a programme test lead, defining the test approach across multiple development teams, promoting consistency and collaboration.

My current thoughts on software testing:

  • Prevention over detection or as the adage goes “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”
  • Testing is a task, not a phase and those tasks can be completed by any member of the team
  • Testing is exploration; automation is checking
  • Repetitive tasks should be made repeatable and deterministic through automation
  • Quality can only be judged by the user. As testers, it is our role to measure the product, collect and analyse the data and use this information to predict the quality of the product and help our stakeholders to make more informed decisions